Anthony Kleem is one of America's most cherished living Americana artists. Anthony grew up in a small college town outside of Cleveland, Ohio, living with his parents and seven siblings. Anthony's parents encouraged his enthusiasm for the arts. Anthony attended the University of Akron and received his Masters in Education. He resides in Berea, Ohio with his wife, Mary, and their five children. Anthony creates storytelling paintings in his artful rendition of the primitive style. In his inspiring work, everyday scenes become idyllic settings. Anthony's inventiveness can be discovered in the multitude of details that together create that nostalgic feeling of time where simple things and values were important. New England, Eastern Pennsylvania and the rural settings of the Midwest remain the inspiration for many of Anthony's paintings. Anthony's work method is intricate yet simple; his paintings are well balanced with structures, patterns, and colors. In them he tries to express a bygone era of wholesomeness, warmth, and true American values. Anthony Kleem's work can be discovered worldwide on puzzles, calendars, and home decor products. He is truly an American treasure.